Matthew Harding Mechanical Repairs Pty Ltd   
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' Tinkering since 1997 '

Our Services

  • All Log Book Servicing 
We can provide comprehensive servicing that won't void your new car warranty or your manufacturers warranty
  • Diagnostic Scanning
A diagnostic scanner is attached to your cars computer for an in depth understanding of operating systems as well as fault code diagnosis
  • All General Servicing
The convenience of having your regular car service at your home or work, using only top quality parts and oils - we can even customise a service to suit your budget!
  • Cooling Systems
Radiator systems, hoses, pressure testing systems
  • Brakes
Pads, Discs, shoes, cylinders, fluid flushes 
  • Suspension 
Shock absorbers, springs, bushes, ball joints, sway bar
  • All Engine Repairs
Engine mounts, timing belts, oil leaks, head gaskets, intake manifold , exhaust systems
  • Trip checks
Make sure your car is ready to go off without a bang before your next big trip! Safety is number one!
  • Pre-purchase inspections
Have the piece of mind knowing that there has been an expert eye over the next car you'd like to buy - don't get stuck with someone else's lemon! 

And much more! If its got an engine, we're interested!